måndag 19 april 2021

20 mil TT solo a 41.7 kmh

 Igår gjorde jag ett av mitt livs tuffaste cykelpass. Jag har en ambition att försöka utmana ultra världsrekordet på 100 miles och 200 km solocykling i sommar och igår gjorde jag för första gången ett fullängdspass över hela distansen. Skrev så här på kvällen i min fb grupp för rekordförsöket. Gå gärna med i den om du vill följa resan: fb JB World Record Attempt 200 k

Rough Ride👊 Today i did my first ever solo TT ride of 200 k north of Stockholm. Lovely sunny weather and 14 c. But as usual quite windy and a course of 826 m height. Was aiming for a controlled z 3 effort at around 270 w and felt really good on the way out in tough wind head and crosswind. After 95 k there were a 5 k section of terrible asphalt and was sure of getting a puncture. But fortunate enough made it back to good roads again. Stopped at a gas station for filling drinks and toilet after 113 k then a fast section and better wind but now the stomach gave me a bit of a problem on the way back. All sports drink and gels together with a terrible tasting bar at the gas station really messed things up. Glad i had the wind in the back and the sun in my face there for a some 30 k. Got a nice 15 min KOM there between Edsbro - Knutby before the last 40 k back home really tested my endurance. I am not trained for this long sessions right now and not used to long efforts and havent been cycling more than 130 k maximum since last summer. Dropped off some power on the way home and the TT position and wind really takes it toll on you after nearly 5 h. But made it back at 4.47 and 41.7 kph av speed 270 w / 275 np pulse av 136 Max 151 a really solid effort and great first ride at World Record Distance. In my AG +50 the WUCA official WR is 40 kph and 5 h. In AG 18-49 it is 4.44 and 42.3 speed. In warmer weather less wind and a faster road my goal is set sub 4.44. A great ride but oh so tough and long 200 k solo is on a TT bike. https://strava.app.link/6FyKHd9Oyfb



Körde Disc o Zipp 808 fram igår


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