tisdag 8 februari 2022



I Am Specialized.
So Proud to be representing the worlds bike brand nr 1. For me human performance is astonishing, but the equipment and bikes that I ride plays a huge role as well. So for 2022, I’ve decided to partner with Specialized to further increase my performance and reach goals on a completely new level – STAY TUNED! Specialized has been the leader in bikes but also equipment since 1974. With riders like Sagan, Remco, Alaphillipe and Anna Van der Breggen they have accomplished history and I’ve always kept my eye on them. Their bikes for sure, but also their Body Geometry products, like shoes and saddles. I just got to test the wonderful new Crux gravel bike for a couple of rides and the 825 g frame is a dream in handling responsiveness and stiffness. Can’t wait to hop on the industry leading Tarmac SL7 as my road bike and the mythical TT Shiv for Time Trialing and new solo record attempts. So honored that Specialized will support a ”young talent” at 55.. There will be a TV documentary produced this year based on my journey with cycling on the theme Growing Young – from beginner at 44 to world record holder at 54. Exciting times ahead stay tuned!

With inspiration and a lot of training comes performance and results. Today I did my 2 best turbo trainer results ever. First 30 min warm up with record power / effort. A solid 275 w for 30 min on the TT bike with superlow 125 av pulse in low zone 2. Amazing feeling. Took a full steam 10 min Wattbike interval direct after and recorded 384 w for 10 minutes that’s 5.2 w / kg and a power I never achieved before for 10 minutes. That’s almost hard to believe at 55 years but oh so rewarding and wonderful feeling. 

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