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CELLEXIR ingrediences part 1 by Dr Marcus Gitterle

Det är glädjande många som undrat vilka olika tillskott som finns med i Cellexir? Om de fungerar? Jag har tagit dessa tillskott i två år nu och känner verkligen en stor effekt i ökad energi, mental skärpa, allmänt välmående samt prestationsförmåga. Jag har ju också under de senaste två åren råkat ut för tre allvarliga cykelolyckor och inte minst i samband med dem har jag upplevt en mycket snabb återhämtning. Det är ju faktiskt för att jag och mina partners i Cellexir känner så stor effekt som vi startat det här företaget och det är vår övertygelse om att du också kommer göra det. Vi har tagit fram en effektivare och enklare version av tillskott vi själva använder helt enkelt. I vår förhandsinformation presenterar idag Dr Marcus Gitterle de tre första av fem tillskott och näringsämnen som Cellexir består av. Vad de har för individuella egenskaper samt vad de skapar för synergier tillsammans. Blir du nyfiken? Läs mer nedan och gå gärna in på länken www.cellexir.se och anmäl dig för förhandsinformation.

CELLEXIR formula by Dr Marcus Gitterle

What is in Cellexir and how does it work?

Cellexir is a nutraceutical supplement composed of five natural ingredients: Ubiquinon - CoQ 10, Pyrroloquinoline Quinone (PQQ), Acetyl l-Carnitine, Shilajit, and Bioperine.

The ingredients in Cellexir were selected following an extensive analysis of peer-reviewed scientific research, decades of direct clinical experience, and extensive personal evaluation by team members.

We feel that it is important for users of any supplement to have an understanding of the ingredients, and the reasons they have been included in a product. We feel that we are entering a new era of more informed health choices by consumers, and for this reason, it is our wish that Cellexir users be uniquely well informed regarding the ingredients of the product, and the way these ingredients support cellular function, and overall wellness.

What are the ingredients in Cellexir?

Ubiquinone is a natural substance found in our cells, which is known as a co-enzyme Q 10. It is a key part of the energy making machinery that turns the energy found in food into a form that our cells can use (ATP). Why include it in a supplement? Ubiquinone levels decline with aging, stress, and in many chronic disease states. 

Without adequate ubiquinone, cells cannot effectively turn the energy from food into a form useful for our cells, leading to sub-optimal cell function, because cells that cannot synthesize appropriate amounts of ATP cannot defend themselves, repair damage, protect their genetic material (DNA), or carry on a host of other critical functions.

By providing ubiquinone, Cellexir bolsters the ability of our cells to produce energy (ATP), so that all cell functions can be performed, optimally, which supports all body systems, and processes at a core level.

Cells that are endowed with sufficient energy to carry on essential life processes are known to be more resistant to toxins, better membrane integrity, more efficient management of cellular waste disposal, and better at protecting their genetic code.

Pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ) 
is a remarkable nutraceutical that has been proven to provide uniquely powerful anti-oxidant protection to cells that is 5000 times greater than even that provided by vitamin C, but its benefits extend far beyond mere antioxidant activity. 

This unique, natural substance actually helps our cells create more energy creation machinery” – the mitochondria that make cellular fuel – offsetting the decline in energy production inside our cells that occurs as a result of aging, stress, toxins, and even chronic disease states.

It is increasingly clear that energy deficits are at the core of many forms of cellular dysfunction, often years before chronic health challenges become manifest. What is exciting is that by bolstering the energy generating capacity of our cells, it has been shown that homeostasis (balanced functioning) can be restored.

PQQ has shown clear benefits in some of the most challenging conditions known, and importantly, these benefits are so significant that its beneficial effects are unmistakable within days of starting to use it, even in very healthy people.

As with all other ingredients in Cellexir, PQQ provides synergistic effects, allowing the total effects of the product to be greater than the sum of the individual parts.

Acetyl l-Carnitine one of the best studied natural substances in the world, acetyl l-carnitine, is a specialized amino acid found inside our cells that helps turn fat into energy. 

But there is so much more to this extraordinary nutrient, underscored in hundreds of clinical studies, which help it deliver the unique benefits of Cellexir

Acetyl l-carnitine has been shown to produce more than 42 specific benefits in humans. These effects includes its proven ability to upgrade production of all three of all three of our built-in cellular free-radical-quenching enzyme systems, including superoxide dismutase (SOD), glutathione peroxidase, and catalase. 

While these effects are extraordinary by themselves, the range of other proven beneficial effects provided by ALCAR is so extensive that it is the subject of many books.

Doctors around the world harness its effects to favorably impact challenging problems at a core level, by protecting cellular machinery from free-radical attack, promoting optimal metabolism, and improving removal of cellular waste products.

That’s why we included it in Cellexir. It provides key, direct benefits for cell healthand through strong synergy with the other ingredients of Cellexir, it can help support and optimize cellular function in ways not possible until now.

Ja det var information om de tre första av tillskotten i Cellexir. Imorgon presenterar Dr Gitterle de två återstående, synergierna och effekterna dem emellan samt fördelarna det med att använda Cellexir. Stay tuned!  www.cellexir.se

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