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CELLEXIR ingrediences part 2 by Dr Marcus Gitterle

I vår förhandsinformation om Cellexir presenterar idag Dr Marcus Gitterle de två återstående tillskott och näringsämnen som Cellexir består av. Vad de har för individuella egenskaper samt vad de skapar för synergier tillsammans. Har du t ex hört talas om Shilajit? Shilajit räknas sedan urminnes tider som den Ayurvediska läkekonstens nr 1 och används som "The cure for all". Shilajit är en mineral från urberget på hög höjd i bl.a Indien och Nepal och används sedan över 2000 år för sina stärkande och helande egenskaper. Shilajit är på Sanskrit och har betydelsen "Destroyer of all weakness" Blir du nyfiken? Läs mer nedan och gå gärna in på länken www.cellexir.se och anmäl dig för förhandsinformation. Stay tuned!

Cellexir ingr. part 1 från igår

Shilajit This ingredient was chosen for inclusion in Cellexir because though it combines a history of use in natural wellness dating back thousands of years, it also has thesupport of very modern science. 

This natural, plant-derived material, which is carefully harvested from pristine, mountainous regions in Asia, has been used as a nutritional tonic, and wellness-support for more than 2000 years.

Shilajit’s long history of use by indigenous cultures and health traditions was noticed by scientists in the 20thcentury, who set about ascertaining the basis for its popularity. What science has found is extraordinary, and has been the subject of many books, and research papers.

Shilajit, as is the case for each of the other components of Cellexir, can stand on its own as a tonic, adaptogenic” nutritional supplement, because it provides noticeable improvements in subjective wellness, energy level, resistance to environmental stress, endurance, and recovery. Athletes prize it for these reasons, but most users simply value the subjective feelings of wellbeing that accompany its use.

Cellexir is a science-based supplement, and while the enduring popularity and multiplicity of subjective benefits ascribed to Shilajit are impressive, our team would like to call attention to research which has shown that this substance provides unique cellular optimization effects, which provide a basis for its described benefits. 

Of the various cellular optimization functions that shilajithas been shown to provide, we are most excited about two of these mechanisms by which it protects our cells. First, it has been shown to protect ubiquinone inside our mitochondria allowing it to perform its functions longer, and better, leading to more stable and efficient productionof cellular energy.

Second, shilajit has been shown to protect cellular energy generating systems from free-radical damage in a way that is uniquely powerful. In a world of “me too” antioxidants, shilajit stands in a place of its own for this reason.

Through these and other scientifically studied mechanisms of action, shilajit brings to Cellexir both direct and synergistic effects that are powerful enough for most users to notice subjective improvements in energy, recovery time, response to stress, improvement in sleep quality, and an overall sense of wellbeing, within one to two weeks; benefits which are sustained or even enhanced over time.

Bioperine Cellexir would not be complete without this unique, natural absorption enhancer extracted from the Piper nigrum plant. Bioperine is proven to enhance the uptake of many other nutrients, but like other ingredients in Cellexirit can provide multiple benefits through multiple mechanisms, in keeping with our philosophy of synergy.

Bioperine provides immune enhancing effects, improvements in brain cell health in a key brain center related to memory, antioxidant effects through unique mechanisms and inhibition of inflammation.

By including bioperineCellexir optimizes absorption of other components in our synergistic formula, enhancing benefits, while providing key direct effects we feel are significant.

What does it mean when we say that “synergy is important” in describing the benefits of Cellexir ?

Cellexir combines several specially chosen nutrients, each of which has marvelous, clinically proven beneficial effects, but what is key is that the total effect of Cellexir is even greater than the sum of the effects of the individual parts, because of distinct areas of synergy.

PQQ increases the number of healthy mitochondria in our cells, while Ubiquinone and Acetyl l-Carnitine enhance the efficiency of the energy creation machinery in those mitochondria, while Shilajit protects those mitochondria from free radical damage. Bioperine enhances the absorption of each of the other ingredients, enhancing the overall effects of the product. As synergy is fundamental to the functioning of healthy, “happy cells,” so it is key to the functioning of Cellexir.

Why should I use Cellexir?

We created Cellexir to provide broad-based support of optimal cell function, including protection from environmental stress and free-radical toxicity, enhancement of cellular energy production, improvement in metabolic efficiency, and support of overall homeostasis, or balanced functioning.
What this means in real-world terms is what we whimsically call creating “Happy Cells.” In actuality, though whimsical, it refers to very serious science, with revolutionary implications. 

When our cells are “happy,” we thrive. We can reach for new milestones, and new levels of wellness, we can take on challenges with energy and vitality.  We created Cellexir to allow everyone to have access to the best that science and nature have to offer.

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